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Zuri in the upcoming feature, Nan & Cola's Force of Fibreglass

Zuri is a friend of Nan and Cola's who is also a mannequin. He is courageous, heroic and York's arch nemesis who constantly tries to foil the hunters' attempts at draining fibreglass. Nan has a wild crush on Zuri but unfortunately, Zuri only sees her as a friend.

Zuri's Nan & Cola Movie HistoryEdit

Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island (2011)

Nan & Cola's Force Of Fibreglass (2011)

Zuri Facts!Edit

- Zuri and Nan were initially meant to be a romantic item but due to the unpredictible nature of the Sims, the two didn't have enough chemistry, so they became good friends instead!

- Zuri will be featured in the upcoming feature, Nan & Cola's Force of Fibreglass, where he will get his own romantic interest!