Nan & Cola: The Movie was the first of the animated Nan & Cola movie series.

Feeling tired and bored of their everyday lives, Nan and Cola decide to run away and embark on an adventure! Soon after, Cola meets York, a handsome and rugged guy who sweeps her off her feet...and comes between Nan and Cola.

Soon, Nan and Cola have separated and must face life apart. Nan meets a bevvy of zany characters who help her realise that Cola is indeed in grave danger, as York is a dreaded fibreglass hunter.

York and Cola are headed down the aisle, but will Nan get to them on time?

Nan & Cola: The Movie was released in 2010, just in time for Cola's first birthday!


Nan Booberson (Herself)

Cola Tittmeyer (Herself)

Joel Davies (Himself)

Dorothy Davies (Herself)

John Davies (Himself)

Jack Davies (Himself)

Samantha King (Herself)

David King (Himself)

Shannon King (Shannon/Sharron)

Samuel King (Samuel/Pamela)

Peter King (Peter/Peta)

Karen Jordan (Herself)

Lorenne Ramanauskas (Herself)

Victor Ramanauskas (Himself)

Max Ramanauskas (Himself)

Nana Mac (Herself)

Ol' Madge Barker (Herself)

Celia Black (Herself)

Betty Bouffant (Herself)

Hank Broadway (Himself)

Paulette Nordledorse (Herself)

Wanda Pavlova (Herself)

Clumsi Clementine (Herself)

Staycee (Herself)

Gladys (Herself)

Laverne (Herself)

Diana de Corpse (Herself)

Mavis Longbottom (Herself)

York Hunt (York)

Dennis Franz (Det. Roy Hapowicz)

Marg Helgenberger (Det. Bambi St. John)

Slutsy Breadmaker (York's First Victim)

Lindsay Lohan (Fanny Firethighs)

Dame Judi Dench (Waitress)

Jonathon Lipnicki (Minister)

Dakota Fanning (Boutique Assistant)

Connie Lingus (Agnes)

Edna Jarr (CWA #1)

Maude Ick-Please (CWA #2)

Constance Noring (CWA #3)

Paige Turner (CWA #4)

Sheila Blige (CWA #5)

Nan & Cola: The Movie Facts!Edit

- Joel used commercial music for Nan & Cola: The Movie, songs included 'If I Had You,' 'Starstrukk' and 'Memories,' something he later regretted when uploading to YouTube and his videos became blocked due to copyright. He had to replace many songs with non commercial music and Nan & Cola: The Movie is still blocked in many countries for this reason.

- The dog that Dorothy complains about barking can actually be heard barking in Heart of Fibreglass: The Nan Booberson Story .

- Nan & Cola: The Movie features all the Pop n' Flo Characters - Ol' Madge, Celia, Betty, Hank, Clumsi, Laverne, Staycee, Gladys, Wanda, Paulette, Diana and Mavis!

- The Full House theme song can be heard after Joel mentions he doesn't like Full House style moments.

- The song that plays during the closing credits is 'Not Just A Doll' by ex-Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt. This refers to Nan and Cola being more than just mannequins.

- The earlier versions of Joel, Jack, Dorothy and Max are all seen in Nan & Cola: The Movie.

- Other characters are often seen in the background, Nana Mac is in the street when the King Family are taking a stroll and Betty is seen shopping when Nan is running through the streets looking for Cola.

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