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The Cast of Force of Fibreglass

Nan & Cola's Force of Fibreglass is the fourth major movie from the Nan & Cola movie series.

Whilst working on a new movie, Nan and Cola are alarmed when all of the humans suddenly go missing, including their Pops! Suddenly, all becomes clear when fibreglass hunters begin capturing mannequins and taking them away. Their old friend, Zuri (Fibreglass Island) returns and tells them that it is the doing of evil Emperor, Steelheart, who has the Enchanted Empress, Purity locked inside a dungeon and it's up to them to save her. But first they must find five keys which the hunters hid, only then will they be able to unlock the dungeon door.

Along the way they meet brand new friends, and soon form a Force of Fibreglass. Will they get to Purity in time before mannequins become extinct?

Nan & Cola's Force of Fibreglass was launched in July, 2011.


Nan Booberson (Herself)

Cola Tittmeyer (Herself)

Joel Davies (Himself)

Jay Walker (Zuri)

Ana Sassy-Nation (Cricket Davenport)

Chibbers (Scout St. Valentine)

York Hunt (York)

Jacqueline Hyde (Perfume)

Rich Fellows (Steelheart)

Lynne C. Doyle (Purity)

Jack Tupp (Donny Donaldson)

Jenny Tulls (Daphne)

Lena Ghenstit (Fleur)

Wanda Pavlova (Herself)

Bill Owney (Fred Wormstench)

Dee Major (Imelda Snuff)

Pierce D'Cox (Castle Guard)

Reid Enright (Cowboy Hunter)

Tanya Hyde (Mama Sugar)

Rick O'Shea (Leatherhead)

Rowan A. Boat (Hunter Zombie)

Dorothy Davies (Herself/Nun)

John Davies (Himself)

Lorenne Ramanauskas (Herself)

Victor Ramanauskas (Himself)

Kelly-Louise Marsden (Nun)

Katrina Hill (Nun)

Samantha King (Herself)

Jenny McAlonan (Nana Mac)

Bec Stewart (Nun #1)

Natalie Van Oostveen (Nun #2)

Mel Hardy (Nun #3)

Thomas Richard Harrison (Quincy Boyle)

Trina Forrest (Rosie)

Eddie Bull (Cornelius)

Sue Ridge (Fringey Mannequin)

Nicole Jenison (Arty Mannequin)

Minnie Mia (Blondie Mannequin)

Mia Kheani (Nurse #1)

Rick Stockard (Nurse #2)

Anita Chavez (Nurse #3)

David Shue (Nurse #4)

Jeana Ireland (Young Wanda)

Eunice (Herself)