Joel and Dorothy Davies in Heart of Fibreglass.

Heart of Fibreglass: The Nan Booberson is a live action feature, which stars Joel Davies as himself.

When Joel discovers he is pregnant to a fibreglass child, he seemingly, loses everything. The support of his family, his friends and his community. But, he gains a daughter. Nan Booberson.

Heart of Fibreglass follows the struggle that faces a fibreglass family. Together, Joel and his two daughters Nan and Cola Tittmeyer, and their pet fibreglass ball, Eunice, tell a story, of a heart, made of fibreglass.

This, is the Nan Booberson Story.

This film was produced in 2009 and launched on Nan Booberson's 2nd birthday - 21st November.


Joel Davies (Himself)

Nan Booberson (Herself)

Cola Tittmeyer (Herself)

Dorothy Davies (Herself)

John Davies (Himself)

Jack Davies (Himself)

Lorenne Ramanauskas (Herself)

Katrina Hill (Herself)

Eunice (Herself)

Heart of Fibreglass: The Nan Booberson Story Facts!Edit

- Lorenne filmed this role just weeks after giving birth to her first child, Max. You can hear him cry in the end of her scene, making the actors laugh.

- Heart of Fibreglass was completely improvised, each actor was given a quick brief before filming.

- Joel, Dorothy, Jack and Lorenne all wore wigs. Nan and Cola also both wore wigs, naturally.

- This is the only time you will see Nan Booberson without a wig and Cola's broken leg.

- The photo montage right at the end shows all of Joel's family and friends, including some seen in the Nan & Cola animated films!

- Joel and Katrina's scenes were filmed at Ballarat's Her Majesty Theatre during the South Street Calisthenics Competition.