Nan with Eunice, during Heart of Fibreglass.

Eunice is the beloved pet of Joel, Nan and Cola. She is a fibreglass ball, which Joel picked up at an auction for $2 in 2004, long before Nan and Cola ever existed.

Eunice doesn't speak or do anything, but everybody simply adores her.

Eunice made her animated debut in Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island.

Eunice's Nan & Cola Movie CreditsEdit

Heart of Fibreglass: The Nan Booberson Story (2009)

Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island (2011)

Nan & Cola's Force Of Fibreglass (2011)

Eunice Facts!Edit

- Eunice's full name is Our Lady Eunice of Fibreglass.

- Her Sim is created using a beach ball, which is designed to be floating in a pool, hence why her character is on the ceiling.

- In Heart of Fibreglass, Dorothy refers to Eunice as a pet and mimics her 'woofing' - Joel corrects her by saying she's a ball.

- Eunice's original purpose was the covering of a street light!