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Betty Bouffant was created and originally played by Joel Davies as part of the Pop n' Flo Characters. She is a beauty queen with big hair, big shoes and a big heart.

Betty's beau is Hank Broadway, a slick entertainer who loves Betty more than he loves himself!

Betty had a cameo in Nan & Cola: The Movie and a huge role in Fibreglass Island, starring as one of the survivors.

Betty Bouffant's Nan & Cola Movie HistoryEdit

Nan & Cola: The Movie (2010)

Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island (2011)

Betty Bouffant Facts!Edit

- Betty and Hank were finally married in Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island.

- Betty's mother appears in Fibreglass Island.

- Betty was seen hosting the telethon in Nan & Cola: The Movie.