Bec is one of Joel's closest friends, one who he went to high school with, alongside Natalie.

Bec made a mousy debut in the Christmas Special, where she is seen with Nat in the park, but made a bigger punch in Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island when she supports Joel when the girls and his brother are in the plane crash!

Bec Stewart's Nan & Cola Movie HistoryEdit

Merry Christmas from Nan & Cola (2010)

Nan & Cola: Fibreglass Island (2011)

Nan & Cola's Force Of Fibreglass (2011)

Bec Stewart Facts!Edit

- In 2011, Bec and her partner, Adrian announced their engagement!

- A photo can be seen of Bec and Nan Booberson at the end of Heart of Fibreglass: The Nan Booberson Story.

- Joel has been friends with Bec and Natalie since 1999.

- Bec is one of few that have a remarkable likeness to their Sim!